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Circular Economy

Circular economy is the business-driven approach that enables economic growth while decoupling it from resource consumption.

Value Loops has extensive experience in closed business loops from business modeling to re-manufacturing and handling products at the end of life. The knowledge is based on hands-on activities while working with the McKinsey & Company, Philips, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and benchmarking done across the aircraft, photocopy, computer, automotive and heavy-duty industries.

The main question is: how do I create value by closing my business loop?

Here are the activities through which we can help you excel:

  • Re-thinking your vision, mission, and business strategy
  • Creating new business models
  • Establishing a new mindset in your organization
  • Improving your business processes while closing the business loops
  • Engaging suppliers and customers in the return process
  • Defining KPIs to encourage additional value creation from existing value
  • Addressing the marketing and communication challenges

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