About us

Our vision, mission & values

Our vision

Value Loops aims to be the best business partner for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), startups, scale-ups and public organizations developing and delivering new sustainable solutions based on mutual gains approach.


Our mission

We believe the world’s needs can be met through thought leadership on sustainable development. We do believe in matching challenges to opportunities.

We believe in entrepreneurs with innovative and sustainable solutions. We are here to provide them access to resources and help them explore new markets.

We are inspired by social-economic trends and frameworks, which combined with high-tech, can break paradigms and provide innovative solutions for existing challenges.

Our values

Trust, collaboration, and care are the key principles that motivate us and guide the relationships among our team members, customers, and partners.

We are a multidisciplinary, curious and risk-taking team, open to exploring new business opportunities. We love to innovate, adapt and transform ourselves and organizations. Along the way, we listen, motivate and involve the voices of related stakeholders.

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