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Start/Scale-ups Support
Coaching and mentoring of start-ups and scale-ups in business strategy, marketing, communications and supply chain management. Several of these ventures have been awarded and financed by recognized national and international organizations.integrally on lifecycle management within and beyond their markets.

Market Penetration – UK study
A feasibility study in partnership (paid by a public grant) to enter national healthcare systems with medical refurbished equipment to increase resource efficiency, reduce investment costs, use a service business model and guarantee service offer continuity.



New Product Introduction – Refurbished Equipment
A New Product Introduction (NPI) by upgrading medical equipment, including regulatory approval worldwide, increasing sales by 10%, increasing reuse of components by 80% and therefore decreasing costs, CO2 emissions, improving product portfolio and overall business performance.

New Business Line – Parts Recovery
Establish a business line with its own P&L account for parts recovery, including financial, information and goods flows. The business was grown from <2 M€/year turnover to 4.8 M€/year within 12 months and set up to grow to >8 M€/year turnover. Service Level Agreements (SLA), safety and quality agreements were part of the deal. A global business case showed potential to triple proceedings.

Define a roadmap to create a healthcare remanufacturing business to reuse as much as possible components/material considering market research, technology developments, processes, product and service validation, regulatory compliance, business model and go to market strategy, including the development of new distribution channels and market segments.


Hybrid Business Model – Transaction & Lease
Creating a hybrid business model for healthcare imaging systems where the equipment will be sold except for a key component, which will be leased instead. This decreased the customer capital expenditure by ~20% and allowed the manufacturer to develop a better component to be used with more customers.

Global Return Policy and System
Development of a global return policy and embedment of reverse logistics in supply chain management system to avoid value leakage of components, enabling its reuse for refurbishment and service purposes reducing operational costs and avoiding last time buys and re-design costs.


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